New BIS initiative helps small businesses comply with EAR

The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) announces an initiative to assist small and new-to-export companies to better understand and comply with the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). 

Information for Small Business:

BIS has developed a Small Business page at to provide an introduction to the requirements of the EAR.  The webpage features a new BIS training video “Export Controls: A Quick Start Guide” that provides the basic information an exporter needs to know to comply with the EAR, in a concise and entertaining manner. 

The page also offers a new mechanism to contact one of our regulatory counselors by email at  While anyone can submit their questions to us via this form, it is a direct and easy way for small companies, individuals, and those new-to-export companies to get assistance.

Online Training Room:

Brand new training videos are now available on the BIS Online Training Room, including “Export Controls: Classifying your Item,” and tips for utilizing the BIS’s online application and classification system, SNAP-R.  Additional videos will be available in the coming months.  If you have an idea for a BIS training video, please send your ideas to

BIS Brochures:

BIS updated several introductory guides available in the Export Control Basics page:

·        Introduction to the Commerce Department’s Export Controls

·        How to Determine an Export Control Classification Number

·        Frequently Asked Questions to Export Licensing Requirements

The material on these webpages should be helpful to all those who are new to the requirements of the EAR, and for those interested in a refresher.  Please send feedback and inquires to

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