Ohio winners of the President's "E" Award


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The President's “E” Award was created by Executive Order of the President to afford suitable recognition to persons, firms, or organizations which contribute significantly in the effort to increase United States exports.

The President's “E Star” Award, which was authorized by the Secretary of Commerce, affords continuing recognition of noteworthy export promotion efforts.

History of the “E” Awards

During World War II, more than 4,000 ”E” Pennants were presented to war plants in recognition of production excellence. The famous flag with the big “E” emblazoned on it became a badge of patriotism in action.

President Kennedy revived the World War II “E” symbol of excellence to honor and provide recognition to America's exporters. Thus, the “E” Award Program was established by Executive Order 10978 on December 5, 1961. The “E Star” was authorized in l969 to recognize “E” Award winners for continued efforts in export expansion.

There have been over 150 Ohio companies that have won the prestigious President's "E" Award for Exporting since the award's inception in 1961. Please see the list of those Ohio companies below:

Year AwardedType of AwardCompany NameCity
1981"E" Award for ExportsA-T-O Inc.Willoughby
1977"E" Award for ExportsAbbey Etna Machine CompanyPerrysburg
1970"E" Award for ExportsAirtemp Division, Chrysler CoporationDayton
1962"E" Award for ExportsAjax Magnethermic CoporationYoungstown
1962"E" Award for ExportsAlliance Machine CompanyAlliance
1982"E" Award for ExportsAllied Mineral Products, Inc.Columbus
1963"E" Award for ExportsAmerican Greetings CoporationCleveland
1973"E" Award for ExportsAmerican-Lincoln CompanyBowling Green
1963"E" Award for ExportsAmertool Services, Inc.Cincinnati
1970"E Star" Award for ExportsAnchor Hocking CorpLancaster
1965"E" Award for ExportsAnchor Hocking Glass CorporationLancaster
2013"E" Award for Export ServiceAplusB, Inc.Richmond Heights
1981"E" Award for ExportsAquatech Inc.Cleveland
1970"E" Award for ExportsArcair CompanyLancaster
1974"E Star" Award for ExportsArdac IncWilloughby
1970"E" Award for ExportsARDAC/USA, Inc.Chesterland
1967"E" Award for ExportsArmco Steel CoporationMiddletown
2018"E" Award for ExportsAutomated Packaging SystemsStreetsboro
1966"E" Award for ExportsB. F. Goodrich Chemical CompanyCleveland
1971"E Star" Award for ExportsBailey Meter CoWickliffe
1963"E" Award for ExportsBailey Meter CompanyCleveland
1984"E" Award for Export ServiceBancOhio National BankColumbus
2012"E" Award for ExportsBionix Development CorporationToledo
1992"E Star" Award for ExportsBird Electronic CorporationSolon
1964"E" Award for ExportsBrush Berryllium CompanyCleveland
1989"E Star" Award for Export ServiceCarl O. Goettsch CompanyCincinnati
1977"E" Award for Export ServiceCarl O. Goettsch CompanyCincinnati
1970"E Star" Award for ExportsCatalysts and Chemicals IncLouisville
1973"E" Award for ExportsCauffiel Machinery CompanyToledo
1965"E" Award for Export ServiceCenteral Trust CompanyCincinnati
1970"E Star" Award for Export ServiceCentral National Bank of ClevelandCleveland
1963"E" Award for Export ServiceCentral National Bank of ClevelandCleveland
1964"E" Award for ExportsChampion Spark Plug CompanyToledo
1972"E" Award for ExportsCharles Taylor Sons CompanyCincinnati
1967"E" Award for ExportsChick Master Incubator CoporationCleveland
1972"E Star" Award for ExportsChick Master Incubator CorpCleveland
1990"E" Award for ExportsCincinanati Bell, Inc.Cincinnati
1975"E" Award for ExportsCincinnati Milacron CompanyCincinnati
1982"E" Award for ExportsCincom Systems, Inc.Cincinnati
1970"E" Award for Export ServiceCleveland World Trade AssociationCleveland
2011"E" Award for ExportsCodonics Inc.Middleburg Heights
1975"E" Award for ExportsConsolidated Ceramic Products, Inc.Blanchester
1965"E" Award for ExportsConsolidated Paint & Varnish CoporationCleveland
1964"E" Award for ExportsCooper Tire & Rubber CompanyFindly
2010"E" Award for ExportsDaavlin CompanyBryan
2017"E" Award for ExportsDavenport Aviation, Inc.Columbus
1974"E" Award for Export ServiceDayton Area Chamber of CommerceDayton
1975"E" Award for ExportsDayton Progress CoporationDayton
1979"E" Award for ExportsDental Consumables of America, Inc.Columbus
1963"E" Award for Export ServiceDepartment of Port ControlCleveland
1965"E" Award for ExportsDeVilbiss CompanyToledo
1964"E" Award for ExportsE. W. Bliss CompanyCanton
1970"E Star" Award for ExportsEbco Manufacturing CompanyColumbus
1963"E" Award for ExportsEbco Manufacturing CompanyColumbus
1987"E" Award for ExportsEdmont, Division of Becton DickinsonCoschocton
1977"E" Award for ExportsElectronic Group, Reliance Electric CompanyCleveland
1981"E Star" Award for ExportsEmery IndustriesCincinnati
1963"E" Award for ExportsEmery Industries, Inc.Cincinnati
1977"E" Award for ExportsEngine Parts Aftermarket Group, Engine Parts Division of Gould Inc.Cleveland
1969"E" Award for ExportsFabcon IncoporatedCleveland
1977"E" Award for ExportsFerno-WashingtonWilmington
1997"E Star" Award for ExportsFifth Third BankCincinnati
1993"E" Award for Export ServiceFifth Third BankCincinnati
1968"E" Award for ExportsFilmco International, Inc.Aurora
1966"E" Award for ExportsFirestone Tire & Rubber CoAkron
1963"E" Award for ExportsFirestone Tire & Rubber CompanyAkron
1963"E" Award for Export ServiceFirst National Bank of CincinnatiCincinnati
1970"E Star" Award for Export ServiceFirst National Bank of ToledoToledo
2015"E" Award for Export ServiceFirstMerit Bank, N.A.Akron
2017"E" Award for Export ServiceFisher College of BusinessColumbus
1984"E" Award for ExportsFloating Floors, Inc.Toledo
2012"E" Award for ExportsFlow Polymers, LLCCleveland
2012"E Star" Award for ExportsFrench Oil Mill Machinery Co.Piqua
1984"E" Award for ExportsFrench Oil Mill Machinery CompanyPiqua
1974"E" Award for ExportsGalion Manufacturing CompanyGalion
1963"E" Award for ExportsGeneral Tire and Rubber Export CompanyAkron
1979"E" Award for ExportsGilford Instrument LaboratoriesOberlin
1976"E" Award for ExportsGlobe Tool & Engineering CompanyDayton
2013"E" Award for ExportsGorman-Rupp Co.Mansfield
2016, 2022"E" Award for ExportsGrand-Rock Company Inc.Painesville
2002"E" Award for Export ServiceGreater Cincinnati Chamber of CommerceCincinnati
1976"E" Award for ExportsGuild Metal Equipment CompanyBedford
1976"E" Award for ExportsHarris CorporationCleveland
1987"E" Award for ExportsHenry Penny CorporationEaton
1976"E" Award for ExportsHunkar Laboratories Inc.Cincinnati
2013"E Star" Award for Export ServiceHuntington National BankColumbus
1982"E" Award for Export ServiceHuntington National Bank of ColumbusColumbus
1973"E" Award for ExportsIndustrial Nucleonics CoporationColumbus
2012"E Star" Award for Export ServiceInternational Projects, Inc.Holland
1982"E" Award for Export ServiceInternational Projects, Inc.Toledo
1980"E" Award for ExportsInterstate Diesel Services, Inc.Cleveland
1992"E Star" Award for ExportsInterstate-McBee, Inc., Division of Interstate Diesel Service, Inc.Cleveland
1975"E" Award for ExportsIRD Mechanalysis, IncColumbus
1968"E" Award for ExportsIsland Creek CompanyCleveland
2009"E" Award for ExportsJ.R. Potter & Associates, Inc.Bay Village,
2012"E" Award for ExportsJet, IncorporatedCleveland
1969"E" Award for ExportsJung Products, Inc.Cincinnati
1972"E" Award for ExportsKeithley Instruments, Inc.Cleveland
1979"E" Award for ExportsLamb Electric DivisionAmetek
1987"E Star" Award for ExportsLamb Electric Division, AMETEKKent
1976"E" Award for ExportsLaurence & Erausquin, Inc., (L&E International)Toledo
1963"E" Award for ExportsLaurens Bros. Export CoporationCincinnati
1975"E Star" Award for ExportsLedex IncDayton
1971"E" Award for ExportsLedex Inc.Dayton
1970"E Star" Award for ExportsLempco International IncMaple Heights
1962"E" Award for ExportsLempco International, Inc.Bedford
1976"E" Award for ExportsLiebert International Sales Inc.Columbus
1971"E" Award for ExportsLima Division, Baldwin-Line-Hamilton Corp.Lima
1982"E" Award for ExportsLima Energy Products The Lima Electric Comapany, Inc.Lima
1994"E" Award for ExportsLincoln Electric Co.Euclid
20132nd "E Star" Award for ExportsLincoln Electric Holdings, Inc.Cleveland
2006"E Star" Award for ExportsLincoln Electric Holdings, Inc.Cleveland
1980"E" Award for ExportsMAP CoporationBowling Green
1972"E" Award for ExportsMarus, Weimer & KramerCleveland
1978"E" Award for ExportsMetra CoporationToledo
1974"E" Award for ExportsMicro Devices CoporationDayton
1997"E" Award for ExportsMidmark CorporationVersailles
2013"E" Award for ExportsMiller Weldmaster Corp.Navarre
1981"E" Award for ExportsMonroe Co., Inc.Cleveland
2011"E Award" for Export ServiceNance College of BusinessCleveland
1963"E" Award for Export ServiceNational Bank of ToledoToledo
1964"E" Award for Export ServiceNational City Bank of ClevelandCleveland
1963"E" Award for ExportsNational Machinery CompanyTiffin
1982"E" Award for ExportsNestier CoporationCincinnati
2012"E" Award for ExportsNew Waste Concepts, IncPerrysburg
1969"E" Award for ExportsNordson CoporationAmherst
2014"E" Award for ExportsNOSHOK, Inc.Berea
2006"E" Award for ExportsNylonge CompanyElyria
2016"E" Award for Export ServiceOhio Aerospace InstituteCleveland
1969"E" Award for Export ServiceOhio Department of CommerceColumbus
2016"E" Award for Export ServiceOhio Development Services AgencyColumbus
2022"E Star" Award for Export ServiceThe Ohio State University, Fisher College of BusinessColumbus
2000"E Star" Award for ExportsOhmartCincinnati
1992"E" Award for ExportsOhmart CorporationCincinnati
1988"E Star" Award for ExportsOil Skimmers, Inc.Cleveland
1983"E" Award for ExportsOil Skimmers, Inc.Cleveland
2021"E" Award for ExportsOverdrive, Inc.Cleveland
1972"E" Award for ExportsParr, Inc.Cleveland
2018"E" Award for ExportsPDI Ground Support SystemsSolon
1986"E" Award for ExportsPerfect Measuring Tape CompanyToledo
1964"E" Award for Export ServicePreformed Line Products CompanyCleveland
1963"E" Award for ExportsPrestolite International CoporationToledo
1963"E" Award for ExportsPrinting Machinery CompanyCincinnati
1962"E" Award for ExportsProduction Machinery CoporationMontor
2013"E" Award for ExportsQuality ElectrodynamicsMayfield Village
2019"E Star" Award for ExportsQuality Electrodynamics, LLCMayfield Village
2015"E" Award for ExportsQuality Switch, Inc.Newton Falls
2019"E Star" Award for ExportsQuality Switch, Inc.Newton Falls
2010"E" Award for ExportsRAD-CON, Inc.Cleveland
1965"E" Award for ExportsRahn Cranite Surface Plate CompanyDayton
1962"E" Award for ExportsRanco IncoporatedColumbus
1970"E Star" Award for ExportsRepublic Powdered Metals, Inc.Medina
1964"E" Award for ExportsRepublic Powdered Metals, Inc.Cleveland
1971"E Star" Award for ExportsRidge Tool CompanyElyria
1964"E" Award for ExportsRidge Tool CompanyElyria
1989"E" Award for ExportsRubbermaid, Inc.Wooster
1962"E" Award for ExportsSanco Products, Inc.Cincinanti
1962"E" Award for ExportsSanderson Cyclone Drill CompanyOrrville
1970"E Star" Award for ExportsSenco Products, Inc.Cincinnati
2014"E" Award for ExportsSentry Protection Products, LLCLakewood
2019"E" Award for ExportsSIFCO Applied Surface Concepts, LLCIndependence
1983"E" Award for Export ServiceSouthern Ohio BankCincinnati
1964"E" Award for ExportsSpencer Manufacturing CompanySpencer
1993"E" Award for ExportsSquare D CompanyOxford
1992"E Star" Award for Export ServiceStar Bank, N.A.Cincinnati
1962"E" Award for ExportsSteel and Metalworking WeeklyCleveland
2013"E" Award for ExportsSuperior Holding, LLCCleveland
1964"E" Award for ExportsTait Manufacturing CompanyDayton
1963"E" Award for ExportsTappan CompanyMansfield
1970"E Star" Award for ExportsTappen Company-International DivisionMansfield
1977"E" Award for ExportsTarpley Company Inc.Chesterland
2002"E" Award for ExportsTaylor Lumber, Inc.McDermott
20132nd "E Star" Award for ExportsTech InternationalJohnstown
2016"E" Award for ExportsTechnibus, Inc.Canton
1981"E" Award for ExportsTechnical Rubber Co.Johnstown
1987"E Star" Award for ExportsTechnical Rubber Company, Inc.Johnstown
1964"E" Award for ExportsThew Shovel CompanyLorain
1963"E" Award for ExportsThompson Ramo Wooldrige, Inc.Cleveland
1963"E" Award for Export ServiceToledo Area Chamber of CommerceToledo
1978"E" Award for ExportsToledo Scale CompanyWorthington
1963"E" Award for Export ServiceToledo-Lucas County Port AuthorityToledo
1979"E" Award for ExportsTomlinson IndustriesCleveland
2013"E" Award for ExportsU.S. Chemical & PlasticsMassillon
1980"E" Award for ExportsUdelson Equipment CompanyCleveland
1978"E" Award for ExportsUnited Air Specialist Inc.Cincinnati
1994"E" Award for ExportsValor Enterprises, Inc.Piqua
2013"E" Award for ExportsVenture Products, Inc.Orrville
2010"E" Award for ExportsVita-Mix CorporationCleveland
2014"E Star" Award for ExportsVitamix CorporationCleveland
2015"E Star" Award for ExportsVolk Optical Inc.Mentor
2011"E" Award for ExportsVolk Optical Inc.Mentor
2008"E" Award for ExportsVoss Industries, Inc.Cleveland
1963"E" Award for ExportsWarner and Swasey Company'Cleveland
2019"E" Award for ExportsWarren Rupp, Inc.Mansfield
1976"E" Award for Export ServiceWinters National Bank & Trust CompanyDayton
1981"E Star" Award for ExportsWinters National Bank and Trust Co.Dayton
1984"E" Award for ExportsWorthington Cylinder CoporationColumbus
1983"E" Award for ExportsWyandot Exporting CompanyMarion
2021"E" Award for ExportsYoungstown State UniversityYoungstown