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March 9, 2015

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The Greater Cincinnati Chinese Chamber of Commerce provides a bridge between the business communities of greater China and greater Cincinnati through education, the promotion of business opportunities and the facilitation of business dialogue.

As the economic relationship between China and the U.S. continues to progress, the Chinese chamber will use its resources, information and network of business contacts to become an influential organization in Greater Cincinnati. It is our goal to utilize our preferential relationships and close connections in the U.S. and China to increase our members’ accessibility for investment and economic development.

The mission of the Chinese chamber is to create and stimulate opportunities, provide benefits and foster cooperation among the community. The chamber accomplishes this by assisting and inspiring its members to grow the regional economy and community through a unity of vision. The organization provides its members with business opportunities and supports their efforts in successful business development.

Chamber objectives are as follows:

  • To play an appropriate role in American mainstream society and promote economic development by monitoring and participating in relevant local, state and national legislation.
  • To create opportunities and to foster cooperation and business development among members, businesses and government agencies.
  • To promote U.S.-China trade and cooperation.
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