TLC Products doubled its exports to over 50% of revenues!

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TLC Products doubled its exports to over 50% of revenues!

March 25, 2019

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Real Results – TLC Products, Inc.

Cleveland-based TLC Products is a world-wide leader in research, manufacturing and marketing of live bacteria products for aquatic systems.  Commercial Service offices in Cleveland, Asia, Europe, and Latin America have been helping this company find new markets, navigate export regulations, and secure trustworthy foreign partners to win business overseas.  With our assistance, TLC Products has doubled its exports to over 50% of revenues and credits us with creating at least 2 new jobs in Ohio.  The company owner cited “outstanding service and support” from our Cleveland-based team, noting that it has been “instrumental in guiding our export efforts.” 

John Wong, CEO of TLC Products, Inc., adds the following achievements that were greatly facilitated by Commercial Service:


The International Partner Search service (IPS) provided TLC Products with a number of contacts of high quality.  One of the contacts has become a very active distributor of TLC commercial aquaculture products.  The IPS has directly resulted in multiple and growing export sales, sent through Ireland, then directly to Poland.  These shipments of proprietary probiotics for commercial aquaculture have been increasing steadily, and are projected to reach $100,000 in sales for 2019.  The distributor identified through the IPS has also made contacts with large aquaculture groups in Norway, where additional product is now being exported.  Thanks to the IPS, TLC Products is now selling into key aquaculture markets in the EU, with excellent prospects for accelerating growth.


The Commercial Service provided timely, accurate, and much needed advice and information regarding EU and UK regulations.  The information greatly assisted the distributor for TLC Products in Ireland / UK, and as a result, the Ireland / UK distributor was appointed Master Distributor throughout the EU.  TLC Products is now seeing growth throughout the EU.  Prior to the assistance from the Commercial Service, they had negligible EU sales.  With the distributor identification and assistance with regulations provided by Commercial Service, total sales into the EU are expected to reach $500,000 in 2019, and grow from there.  This level of business, all stemming from Commercial Service support, directly added at least 2 full time additional jobs at our facility in Cleveland, OH.

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