SBA Export Financing: Increase Export Sales & Improve Cash Flow

SBA Export Financing: Increase Export Sales & Improve Cash Flow
The world has changed and the pandemic has forever transformed how business is conducted. Many companies are finding ways to adapt, grow and innovate, and exporting is a key component for many of these businesses. As your business expands into global markets, you will want to be aware of SBA’s suite of loan programs specifically designed to help increase export sales while improving the cash flow position of small business exporters.

If your business is experiencing growth in export sales, then your firm may be able to benefit from an SBA-supported Export Working Capital line of credit that can be used for pre-shipment working capital /purchase order financing, post-shipment export accounts receivable financing, or for the issuance of standby letter of credits when required as a bid bond, performance bond or advance payment guaranty.

Need longer term financing to increase export capacity, to purchase fixed assets or funding for a business acquisition? An International Trade Loan can provide you with the long-term financing that you need. SBA has temporarily reduced the fees to zero and will make the first three months of payments (NTE $9,000/month).

For more details or to discuss your particular financing need, please contact Patrick Hayes by phone 216.287.2736 or via email

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