SBA Eliminates Fees on Export Express Loans

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has eliminated the SBA guaranty fee and on-going fee on Export Express loans approved before 9/30/2023.  The Export Express loan provides a 90% guaranty to banks for loan amounts up to $500,000.  The exporter can use the loan to fund any type of export development activity, including revolving line of credit, debt refinance, business acquisition, machinery and equipment and permanent working capital. 

The exporter can also use the Export Express program to issue Standby Letters of Credit when needed as a bid bond, performance bond or advanced payment guaranty on an export transaction.  The exporter only needs to put up 25% collateral of the face value of the Standby Letter of Credit as opposed to 100% collateral on a conventional commercial credit facility. 

The Export Express program is streamlined and offers quick processing times.  Participating lenders can approve Export Express deals using delegated authority and without review by the SBA.  To apply, exporters should simply contact their lender at their existing bank of account.  For additional information, exporters can talk to SBA’s Export Finance Managers located throughout the country Export Finance Managers ( 

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