How to help India fight the COVID-19 crisis

The U.S. Embassy in New Delhi is closely coordinating with the Government of India on the specific requirements addressing the immediate needs, which presently stands as follows:

  1. Oxygen cylinders (10 liters and 45 liters LMO capacity)
  2. Oxygen concentrators
  3. Oxygen generator plants 
  4. ISO Cryogenic Oxygen Tanker/Container
  5. Remdesivir
  6. Tocilizumab
  7. Ventilators/BIPAP

If you are interested in donating the above-mentioned items, NITI Aayog has been identified by the Government of India as the nodal coordinating body for the private sector response to this ongoing crisis.  As a result, in case you have immediate supplies for distribution that responds to the Government of India’s specific needs listed above, please send an email to: Mr. Sudhendu J Sinha, Adviser (Infrastructure Connectivity & E-Mobility), NITI Aayog with the following details:

i. Name and quantity of the items

ii. From, by when, and mode of sending

iii. Sender’s information

iv. Any special request from sender 

USAID is procuring some of these items for various assistance programs and it may be possible to participate in these procurements. Please fill out this quick survey to ensure an organized approach with a copy of all communications to Depending on official guidance, USAID/India will get in touch with you to discuss the specifics and take the discussion forward. If you offer products that don’t exactly match what the Government of India has specifically requested but may meet other needs in the Covid pandemic, please contact Malarvizhi Parimel at She and our U.S. Department of Commerce colleagues can explore the option of helping you find commercial partners in the country.

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