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Webinar: USMCA Key Revisions & Implementation


May 7, 2020 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm



US Commercial Service

Webinar:  USMCA Key Revisions & Implementation

Seminar Overview

The NAFTA replacement, known as the U.S., Mexico, Canada agreement or USMCA, has finally made its way through Congress and has been signed by the President. Many of the details surrounding implementation, including the date, remain in question. It is a certainty, that upon implementation of the USMCA, the NAFTA as we have known it for over 25 years will cease to be. The transition is expected to happen within the next year. Is your company prepared?

Join us virtually on May 7th for a US Commercial Service webinar, as trade compliance expert John D. Goodrich compares USMCA to NAFTA and highlights what will remain the same and what changes can be expected. Even if it appears your product-specific rules remain untouched by USMCA, you will find there are some subtle differences that will affect how you implement the program within your company.

Because the Automotive sector will undergo the most dramatic changes, we have added an additional 2-hour afternoon session to do a deeper dive into the specific changes. However, because the morning will focus on the overall changes, we recommend that automotive companies register for both sessions.

Come prepared to work as we delve into the commercial side of the USMCA and learn how your company needs to prepare for the new agreement.

Date:  May 7, 2020 9:00am to 12:00pm EST  Online

Click HERE to register for the general session

Click HERE for the additional automotive webinar

Registration fee:  $150 for general session and an additional $100 for the automotive only session

NOTE: This seminar is structured for traffic managers, purchasing
managers, plant managers, shipping/receiving personnel,
compliance officers, ISO managers, sales managers/department
personnel, customer service managers, or anyone that wants to be
fully informed on the USMCA.

Questions?  Contact Koreen.Grube@trade.gov or Susan.Whitney@trade.gov or 216-522-4750