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US-Brazil Trade Facilitation Webinar Series


July 30, 2019 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm



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US-Brazil Trade Facilitation Webinar Series

The U.S. Commercial Service is organizing the US-Brazil Trade Facilitation Webinar Series on customs in Brazil. This Webinar Series is a great learning opportunity for U.S. companies with limited knowledge of Brazilian Customs.

You will hear from U.S. Diplomats, Brazilian Government Officials, and private sector experts to help you navigate the Brazilian Customs environment, learn the benefits of working with a local customs broker, understand when and how to apply for licenses and certificates, and better comprehend the taxation and legal framework in Brazil.

This Webinar Series will help your company better prepare to do business in the largest country in Latin America, the second largest economy in the Western hemisphere behind the United States, and the ninth largest economy in the world.

The first four webinars will offer information on general topics and the fifth/last webinar will be focused on specific industry regulations and requirements. Your organization can choose to participate in each webinar individually for just $35 or buy the package for the entire series for only $100.

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Webinars Schedule: (all Webinars at 1:00PM Eastern Time)

1. Navigating the Brazilian Customs Environment – July 30, 2019
Understand the Brazilian Foreign Trade System, Customs Processes, and Import Duties/Taxes.

2. Clearing Customs in Brazil & Exporters’ Common Mistakes – August 27, 2019
Learn Why Goods May Get Stuck at Brazilian Customs and How to Prevent It.

3. The Tax System and Customs Disputes in Brazil – September 24, 2019
Understand the Legal Framework, Tax system and How to Settle Potential Customs Disputes.

4. Licenses, Certifications and Labeling in Brazil – October 29, 2019

Learn About Licenses/Certifications, Related Government Agencies, including INMETRO, and Labeling/Marking Requirements.

Industry Specific Webinars: (November 5, 2019) – Included in the Webinar Series
• Anatel – Certifications. Telecom/ICT products.
• Anvisa – Licenses. Healthcare, pharma and cosmetics.
• MAPA – Inspections. Food products of animal and non-animal origin.

For questions regarding this program, please contact Mindi Hertzog at Mindi.Hertzog@trade.gov or Moacir Rodovalho at Moacir.Rodovalho@trade.gov