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Anthrostrategy: Globalize Your Enterprise now!


September 13, 2022 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am




ANTHROSTRATEGY – Using anthropology to transform enterprises making the leap from local to global environments.

Event Dates: Tuesday, Sept 13, 2022
Event Time: 10:00AM -11:00 AM EST
Event Location: Online Webinar
Cost: Free

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Anthrostrategy: Globalize Your Enterprise now!

This Webinar will provide insight to get your global enterprise up and running, increasing profits, and lowering risks, in a diverse globalizing world using the techniques of AnthroStrategy.


Dr. Douglas London, former Harvard Medical School Faculty and United Nation Director in Africa will share insight with problems and solutions to key factors that affect your businesses bottom line.

Remove the uncertainties of successfully establishing your company in a new country!


Become more flexible, able to plan long-term strategy and adaptable in unexpected global business circumstances.


Seven out of ten fortune 500 CEOs name the challenges of globalization as their number one business operation concern. We no longer have the luxury of thinking locally and trying to carve out a business niche that will become obsolete and vanish in a superdiverse faster paced globalizing world.


Topics of the webinar:


  1. Why difficulties understanding foreign cultural diversity prevent easily defining who is the audience for your services and products. Learn how to know who your business audience really is. This is a survival necessity in opening new markets for an increasingly foreign and culturally diverse consumer base.


  1. Competitors and adversaries from different foreign cultures are no longer obvious, leading to business unseen disasters and lost opportunities.


  1. The closer your enterprise can come to interpreting a cultural reaction beforehand to your business strategy the more successfully you can steer around the cultural pitfalls.


  1. No matter how brilliant the product design or service, it will not be successful if it is not in tune with the societies it serves – always figure out the system before you innovate your product.


  1. Open-mindedness and avoiding assumptions are key globalization survival tactics.


  1. Why multiple methods must be used to view the key business issues to get the complete picture. Incomplete information fragments such as only a single method for research (e.g. survey) can be more misleading than no research at all.