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Success Stories

2016 Ohio Exports, Jobs, and Foreign Investment

2016 Ohio Exports

This series details the following effects of international trade on Ohio's economic infrastructures:

 The value of state merchandise exports, major manufacturing industries and markets; 
 The number of state jobs in manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors that are dependent on exports of manufactured goods; 
 The number of companies, including small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), that exported from the state; 
 The influence of foreign investment on a state's economic infrastructure; and 
 The value of exports from a state's major metropolitan areas. 

These pages are updated on a rolling basis as different supporting data series are released.

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Cincinnati Crane sees its Exports Rise

Cincinnati Crane

With domestic growth of over 400 percent in the last three years, Cincinnati Crane & Hoist was interested in exploring international opportunities, starting with the Dominican Republic. They looked to the U.S. Commercial Service for help.

Based in Harrison, Ohio, and a veteran owned small business, Cincinnati Crane & Hoist is a manufacturer and installer of overhead crane system solutions for commercial, industrial, and specialty applications.

Through multiple counseling sessions with Commercial Service staff in Cincinnati and Santa Domingo, the company received market intelligence on the Dominican Republic. This included an overview of the US­DR Free Trade Agreement, potential challenges for U.S. companies, labor laws, foreign trade zones, regulations for importing raw materials, customs procedures, and insight into the steel industry.

As a direct result of working with the U.S. Commercial Service, Cincinnati Crane & Hoist received a purchase order for four cranes, with total export sales over USD $800,000.

Also, because of this sale, the company reported an increase in international brand awareness and expects additional international inquiries in the near future.

“It was a tremendous help to have an on­the­ground ally with the US Commercial Service. We were able to quote this sale with confidence, knowing that the U.S. Commercial Service had the knowledge and insight to help us successfully complete the order.”

• Strobl, President, Cincinnati Crane & Hoist

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