Success Story Submission
Success Story Submission

Success Stories Submission Instructions

Title of the Export Success Story
Click 'Add Article' at the bottom of this page
Enter your title of the Export Success in the 'Title' field

Skip “Subtitle:

Skip “SEO settings”


Select category – “Success Stories"

Summary of the Export Success Story
Enter in the Summary of your success story in the 'Article Detail type' field

Skip “Article detail type”

Article Tags - are link keywords.  End users can click on these tags and they are taken to their respective articles.

Gallery Panel – To Add Company’s Logo
Click 'Add Gallery'
Click 'Select Images' and browse to your logo image file on your computer.
Click 'Open'
Click 'Start Upload'
Click 'Save and Close
Click 'Set as main Article Page'
Skip the following sections:

Add as Event

Save Success Story Submission
Click 'Update and Close'